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Why WordPress

I use and have installed WordPress for myself and clients for many years (Twenty Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Fifteen and Customizr templates). Better the question should be “why not WordPress?” Each was a child theme and transition from one template to another is a piece of cake. I am thoroughly enjoying Twenty Fifteen for its simplicity, great font and easy reading on any device. You are on a WordPress Twenty Fifteen website.

Why WordPress? you decide:

Big Businesses using WordPress:

  • From Fortune 500 companies like eBay, Sony, GM and UPS, to national news giants like Forbes, CNN, Reuters and The NYT, to tech tycoons like Samsung, IBM and TechCrunch, heavy hitters everywhere are rolling out slick sites with full-scale content strategies developed in and supported by the WordPress. Why not you too?

WordPress is Open Source:

  • Your website should be making you money, not costing you more than you’re gaining from it. WordPress is an open source CMS, for which you will never pay a licensing fee.
  • Open source means more than just no licensing fees. It’s a community philosophy that allows programmers to work together to improve each others’ code or change it to do something different. That means that the functionality you’ve been looking for has probably already been created and is available for you to use. This can save your business thousands of dollars in long-term custom development costs.

WordPress Intuitive Backend:

  • One of the reasons WordPress has been so widely adopted is that it has a very easy-to-use, intuitive backend. WordPress’ plugin architecture and templating system are also well-known for being simple to customize and build upon.

WordPress is Highly Extendable:

  • Want social networking? Want forums? E-commerce? Event management? All of these features are available through the WordPress plugin architecture.

ECommerce using WordPress:

  • Whether you need a small corporate store or a large-scale international enterprise with complex selling needs, WordPress has the e-commerce solution to suit your business.

What does a professional WebTech have to say about WordPress:

  • You should not spend thousands of dollars for a website and you want a website that looks like you did, don’t you?
  • Your website your way in days, not months.
  • Request a free quote or call me.

Pick a Web Service:

. . . let’s start building.

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