What is Amazon Local

Amazon Local is a daily deals website that is part of the Amazon family. Every day, we send new deals to subscribers to use in their city and online.

What is Amazon Local? It is super duper way of find out what is happening in your city and surrounding cities about saving money with Specials and Discounts in Restaurants, Bars & Pubs, Entertainment & Travel, Shopping & Services, and Health & Beauty. An easy to read email, easy savings and the membership is free.

Sign up for free with Amazon Local to get coupons, discounts and even free offers from your local businesses. Never a membership fee with Amazon. Receive Coupons and Discounts from your local business community near and in your zip code.     What happens after I subscribe to Amazon Local?: After signing up you will receive daily emails with national daily deals online and offers from local Restaurants, Bars & Pubs, Entertainment & Travel, Shopping & Services, Health & Beauty and whatever other SPECIALS THAT ARE GOING ON IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD!

When an offer, curiosity or the daily deal in your email interests you all you do is click on that offer from your inbox email to redirect to an Amazon Local website where you can redeem the offer, share the offer, look at more offers and even look for offers in other cities by zip code. Amazon Local is a perfect traveling companion.

It is a free membership. Go for it!!!!! Sign up!!!! It is FREE!!!!

Amazon Local, although I am an Amazon Affiliate, I do not earn any income from you joining Amazon Local. This is strictly a FREE offering to you which I use and enjoy. I hope Amazon is successful with Amazon Local and does not drop this online service. It is very nice to see local businesses advertising and for me to get a quick list of what is happening in my city.