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Social Media Build Hootsuite Linked - Startup
Social Media Build Hootsuite Linked - Startup
Setup and Link Social Media. Facebook Page/Twitter account/etc. Hootsuite free account setup. MailChimp free account setup. Gmail account in your business name. 2 Hours Training - How To Navigate dashboards.

Everything will be done virtually using Skype, JoinMe, Dropbox, Email, Text and Phone.


1/2 down Social Media Build Hootsuite Linked - Startup
1/2 down Social Media Build Hootsuite Linked - Startup
Pay the balance of $100.00 upon completion of the web build: Social Media Build Hootsuite Linked - Startup. Your chosen web build will begin immediately

Build Social Media Hootsuite Linked virtual webmaster service  includes:

  • Social Media startup – Setup Hootsuite, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn linked to your blog postings and generate professional emails with MailChimp.
    Scenario on how this works for you: Let’s say a blog is published on your website, then your Hootsuite account will automatically post your published blog to your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter for example). That’s how social media linking works. Post once; all others post automatically.
  • You will own all social media accounts and email accounts which I set up with your profile.
  • I will configure the applications (MailChimp, Hootsuite, Facebook, etc.), link them and import headers; all with your approval first.
  • You or your social media assistant will drive (be in charge) after setup.
  • Startup training of 2 hours is included to get acquainted with these applications and various dashboards.


  • Hootsuite is initially free and you may upgrade at any time or stay in the freebie for as long as you stay within their “free guidelines”.


  • Mail Chimp is also a free account initially and can stay free up to 2,000 subscribers (email addresses) and 12,000 emails per month.
  • You will be able to produce and send professional emails on MailChimp, no credit card required, its free forever within these guidelines.
  • Upgrade for additional options or 2,001 subscribers or 12,001 emails per month won’t be a problem because you are successfully marketing/growing your business in a big way, you can afford it ($10 per month is the next up grade from free account)!

Variables on my social media setup, Hootsuite linking service:

  • If you are not blogging on your own blog like a self-hosted WordPress website, free Blog, or Google’s Blogger; then one post in Facebook, for example, will be configured/linked to post to all your other social media accounts automatically.
  • Service set-up is flexible. You will let me know your preferences on how it should be set-up, link to where and start at where.

Get socially connected and post on a consistent basis whether it be everyday, once a week or once a month – be consistent and mix it up with sociable friendly posts and business (mostly business).

I’ll help you and your staff understand your website’s inner workings like why WordPress, what is Dashboards, how does SEO work, social media Viral Loop, Security importance of add-ons and blogging for your online business. Plus, use my “lab” website to hone your web-skills.

Pick a Service that is right for you and your business or company profile.

. . . let’s start building. . . get a free quote. . .

Virtual Webmaster
Web Tech, WordPress Specialist and Real Person dedicated to your Web Presence, Online Company Profile and Online Marketing. If you are a small business, individual, self-publisher, and/or artist than WordPress is for you and so am I.

Call or Text Me: 661-857-2244 (USA)
Everything can be done virtually using Skype, JoinMe, Dropbox, Email, Text and Phone.

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