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Turnkey WordPress Responsive Website (Mobile Friendly Google Tested and Approved).

Customizr WordPress Template
Turnkey WordPress Responsive Template (displays on all devices) will have a place for a logo, menu and tagline, connection links to social media, slider header (with text and button extensions) on or off, 3 featured pages on the Home page in circles (on or off), grid of 3 displayed most recent blog posts (see smaller images below) this first image has blog grid on home page set to off, footer, sidebars and widgets on or off, blog platform. Turnkey WordPress Responsive Template. Hosted on Just Host for one-year is Included. You Own the Website, Hosting and Domain Name. I am not a re-seller.




Startup 3 Social Media Accounts with your profile (Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for example) and Hootsuite Management linked to each and MailChimp.

mailchimp social media hootsuite viral loop team
Staying connected with customers and finding potential new customers is a part of your Social Media Business Plan. Be sure you socialize too and not only promote your business. Linking your Social Media a.k.a. Viral Loop using Hootsuite saves you time and money by posting to one source only; Hootsuite picks up the one-single post and posts it to your other linked social media accounts, automatically. Setup 3 Social Media Accounts, 1 Hootsuite Account, 1 MailChimp Account using your profile. You will use Hootsuite to Manage your Social Media Accounts and postings and MailChimp to send out Professional Emails. Dashboard Training on all is Included – How To Navigate, Quick Tips, Tools, etc..




6 Months Website Maintenance, Google Webmaster Tools with monthly reports and Social Media Administration.

Web Maint Admin Social Media
Use Google Webmaster Tools (recommended) and or Bing Webmaster Tools to maintain your sitemap and correct search engine errors. Use 301 redirects often. Maintain website template version updates. Setup, report and administer Webmaster Tools (Google or Bing). Administer Facebook Page, Google+ and more for a full 6 months or $50 per month.




WordPress Website Bundle. Save $300 by purchasing the bundle.

sales sheet bundle
The Bundle Includes: 1. Turnkey WordPress Responsive and Mobile Friendly Website $500 Value. 2. Setup 3 Social Media Accounts, Free MailChimp Account, Free Hootsuite Social Media Management Account $200 Value. 3. Six months website and server maintenance and administration of social media accounts $300 Value. SAVINGS $300 when bundled.




Website Installed by websites by valsjewels with DIY How-To Lessons. For those who have the time but not the money or want to learn WP dashboards, navigation, add a page, add a post, etc..

Install and Launch WordPress Responsive Website, DIY Lessons and you drive it from there.
Initially all needed information (verbiage, logo, images, profile) to launch your website will be gathered from you via, dropbox and email (FTP is an option and available with your Just Host account). I will take your information and import it to your end website-product of 4 pages and blog platform; to produce for you your DIY website, your way basic startup.



Virtual Webmaster
Virtual Webmaster and Real Person dedicated to small businesses’s and individual’s Web Presence/Business Model.

Valerie, your virtual webmaster

For a new website install, DIY lessons and website maintence my Online LAB is available, with few restrictions and with your purchase. We will drive WordPress together or on your own, your choice. You will have a WordPress website to work on. Learn the Dashboard, change themes and more.

Call or Text Me: 661-857-2244 (USA)

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Everything can be done virtually using Skype, JoinMe, Dropbox, Email, Text and Phone. I’m in the Los Angeles area.