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Virtual Webmaster 4You.

  • Webmaster Web-Build Services are: to develop and design within a website template (responsive template recommended); to professionally setup/launch/publish a website (WordPress recommended).
  • Consistent SEO or Search Engine Optimization is CRITICAL to your website and business.
  • Your website, business and organization needs to be FOUND on the Internet.
  • Socializing your website is connecting your website and business with customers and potential customers with Social Media.
  • Maintenance of your website is of utmost importance.

What will you get with a virtual webmaster’s Web Build?

  • Your WordPress website will be a hack proof WordPress website because security and backup plugins will be added.
  • Your website will be SEO enhanced so that search engines can find you (another added plugin).
  • All your images on your website will be SEO enhanced with title, keywords applicable to your business in description, and alt-text (not a plugin, rather labor/service by me, your webmaster or you DIY).
  • All of your original website images will be manually optimized to load quickly and cached. Here’s why: Images not optimized are laborious for browsers to load (slow to display your site) at best and/or will crash your website at worst.

Webmaster services are delivered virtually, contact and help is a phone call or email away (email preferred).

Needed profile information to set everything up (verbiage, logo, images) will be gathered from you via dropbox and email to import to your end website-product; your website, your way.

I’ll help you and your staff understand your website’s inner workings like why WordPress, what is Dashboards, how does SEO work, social media Viral Loop, Security importance of add-ons and blogging for your online business. Plus, use my “lab” website to hone your web-skills.

Pick a Service that is right for you and your business or company profile.

. . . let’s start building. . . get a free quote. . .

Virtual Webmaster
Web Tech, WordPress Specialist and Real Person dedicated to your Web Presence, Online Company Profile and Online Marketing. If you are a small business, individual, self-publisher, and/or artist than WordPress is for you and so am I.

Call or Text Me: 661-857-2244 (USA)
Everything can be done virtually using Skype, JoinMe, Dropbox, Email, Text and Phone.

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