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Mobile Call Me Button

Updated 07/02/2017 Obsolete info. I thought I was being so smart but now entering a phone number as a number on your website, your smartphone will give you the option to call or text by tapping the phone number. No need for “tel:” Happy Trails to you and no need to scroll any further. Call me if you are looking for a WordPress website installed, launched, refreshed or maintained. 661-857-2244 or text.

Mobile Call Me Button

all started while working on my FREE Google website’s viewpoints and making it mobile friendly. I stumbled across this little “gadget” by OTT to insert into my page because the page is a call me page, very simple for publishing on Amazon aka POD and startup websites; rather than blog, leave a comment or even having a contact page. The website is simple to call me or email me, where calling is preferred.

I have other clients that are really in the “call me preference” because of what they do instead of technically showing an item or product for sale, they deal with ideas and concepts rather than a definite product. For instance an author has all his/her words and graphics and needs expert help in laying out for printing his/her book as a self-publisher. The same applies to me and websites; a call is effective and preferred

Tap To Call Mobile to Mobile

When I came across the “Mobile Call Me Button” I then became very interested in how does it work, can I get the APP or code to use in my WordPress websites?

I Googled it! I searched WordPress plugins! I tried to copy it from the HTML on my Google website! Finally figured out how very simple the Mobile Call Me Button is and went “well duh”. I am sure the OTT people, in developing this “gadget” would not say it was simple, but . . .that is the difference between a programmer and a user.

Here is the simplicity. Find an image that represents “call me” or you can simply type TAP TO CALL and then “link” the image or words using tel:xxxxxxxxxx (area code and 7 digit phone number, no dashes, no space after the colon, all lower case). Use Custom URL in WordPress image edit or link insert icon from your page/post dashboard ; be sure to remove the http://.

International calls I do not know if it works. I have USA country code in my phone number and it connects mobile to mobile, USA no problems. My tap to call me button link looks like this: tel:16618572244 where the 1 right after the colon is country code for USA.

So as far as desktops go it is useless. If someone clicks the Mobile Tap to Call while on a desktop, Chrome will pop up with “do you want to connect to Skype” or “do nothing”, Firefox same thing “open using Skype?” and IE too. None of the browsers hold the phone number after bringing up Skype and the user must type in the phone number once Skype is opened.

Any developers out there to make this work with Skype/Desktops/Laptops/Tablets by opening Skype and keeping the phone number “do you want to call this number?” would be great. Making it a WordPress Open Source plugin, even better.

It works on smartphone/iphone mobile “tap to call”, otherwise it is the old fashioned way by dialing.

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