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I use Hootsuite’s Free Account and as I remember setting it up some years ago I thought Hootsuite automatically “grabs” my most recent blog post via rss feed and posts it to two of my social media accounts. I want Hootsuite to post to Google+. I also use Facebook, both personal and page, to automatically post to my Twitter Account.

This is a test to see if Hootsuite posts automatically to both my Facebook personal account, Facebook page and Twitter from my blog rss feed. If it does then I should see in my “stream” on Twitter the 1 post being posted 3 times.

In my Twitter feed, if I am correct and configured the Facebook App right, then Twitter will get posted by Hootsuite once and Facebook twice (1 from my personal and 1 from my page).

I apologize for “testing” and any inconvenience this may cause you but Hootsuite is trying so hard to get me off the “free” account and into their “pro” that they are “hiding” where my posts are posted and how many cross-posting social media accounts I can have in the “free” account.

In summary, if I see the 3 posts in Twitter then I’ll delete the Twitter from my Hootsuite account in hopes that my next post is “grabbed” by Hootsuite, posted to Facebook personal and page (which Facebook will send to Twitter) and post to Google+ instead of Twitter.

It all depends and again I do apologize for testing on you. Management and cross-posting,  yikes and the technology constantly is changing. I’ve not posted a blog for more than a year and lots has changed. So I am getting up to speed on the technology.

PS: I am seriously considering Hootsuite Pro for $9.99 per month. It is a great app!

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