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Welcome to WordPress. You may have reached this post by clicking a link elsewhere on the Internet; do not be alarmed, the link is still good you are in the right place. Please Email Me with any questions.

I made a template change from a sitebuilder template to WordPress and as of February 15, 2014 this is the landing page for some of my old sitebuilder template website’s URLs and products.

Shortly my old stuff will be here on my new responsive WordPress template.

Thank you for stopping by. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

I am no longer sewing and selling gymnastics grips bags and personalized Christmas Stockings.

If you are looking for Kindle Direct and #AmazonPOD Printing – Please contact Patt Davis.

If you are looking to #WebBuild, I am here for you. If you are concerned about #Mobilegeddon then WordPress has the answer and I can install responsive WordPress for you with a mobile friendly #WordPressTemplate or make your template change if already using WordPress.

Virtual Webmaster
Virtual Webmaster and Real Person dedicated to small businesses’s and individual’s Web Presence/Business Model.

Valerie,  #VirtualWebmaster at your service.

Call or Text Me: 661-857-2244 (USA)

Pick a Virtual Webmaster Service:

. . . let’s start building.

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