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DIY Website How-To-Startup

DIY Website, How-To Training and 1 Year Hosting
DIY Website, How-To Training and 1 Year Hosting
Launched WordPress, WordPress Template of Your Choice, One-Year Host (dedicated ip address) and Domain Name Registration (with Privacy), Two-Hours How-To Training and you will have a DIY website with Four-Pages and one-World Famous WordPress Blog Platform.

Everything will be done virtually using Skype, JoinMe, Dropbox, Email, Text and Phone and will be a learning experience part of the DIY How To Training.


 What will my virtual webmaster do for me for $300?

  • First and foremost you will have a self-hosted published WordPress website of your own domain name and hosted for 1 year. Host & domain registration will be on Just Host and will include a dedicated ip address on a shared server and privacy on your domain name registration. I am not a website/domain re-seller; you will own everything and you will need to renew your host and domain name after the first year (must renew or you will loose your website).
  • To accomplish the first bullet I have installed WordPress and installed a WP template of your choice (responsive is recommended).
  • I will setup a gmail account unless you already have one.
  • You will get 2 hours of lessons/training (use in increments is okay and recommended) for you to will learn how to drive basic WordPress applications like: Dashboard, Media Library, Uploads, Plugins,WordPress General Settings and CPanel on Just Host (the server where your website resides). A Training tour on how and why all this stuff works so you can be a DIY webmaster.
  • All your images on your website will be SEO enhanced with title, keywords applicable to your business in description, and alt-text (not a plugin, rather labor/service by me, your webmaster and you DIY after I show you how).
  • All of your initial startup website images (limited to 25 images with this offer) will be manually optimized to load quickly and cached. Here’s why: Images not optimized are laborious for browsers to load (slow to display your site) at best and/or will crash your website at worst. I will give you How-To Lessons on Web image resize and optimize using Webresizer online.
  • Your WordPress website will be a hack proof WordPress website because security plugins will be added (I’ll show you how or do it for you).
  • Your website will be SEO enhanced so that search engines can find you (another added plugin) and I will show you how it works.

You will have a complete Website, in a short time, ready to market, connect, socialize and future building done by you. It will look and act like it cost you thousands of dollars.

Virtual Webmaster
Virtual Webmaster and Real Person dedicated to small businesses’s and individual’s Web Presence/Business Model.

Valerie, your virtual webmaster

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. . . let’s start building.

Everything can be done virtually using Skype, PayPal, JoinMe, Dropbox, Email, Text and Phone.