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Digital Business Card

It is very important to have a website even if it is only a “digital business card” and you really do not want to blog or market on the Internet or eCommerce online.

One website for all devices is what I offer. No fuss, easy to maintain, stable, backed-up on a regular basis and hack proof. A website built on WordPress.

So, you don’t blog, you don’t sell any products online and do not want to, you like the personal touch and storefront or office visit in person.

Your site can be as simple as: here is what I do and here is where I do it! Please visit my brick and mortar store or office and that is all your website is (a.k.a. digital business card).

One page with your business mission statement and contact info and maybe a Google Map embedded so smartphones, chrome-books and tablets can get driving directions right to your door.

Now your real business card is dressed to impress with your own or .ca or .biz or .???.

  • What is this going to cost you to keep your digital business card website up on a host and your domain name registered? An annual estimate of $150 for both.
  • What is it going to cost you to initially set up your digital business card website by a professional webmaster? $500 Turnkey Website which includes the 1st year host and registered domain name or $150 value included.

In my Thank you for your purchase I include my personal satisfaction guarantee and it reads; “If you ordered a website: You will have final approval rights on verbiage, setup, images, we will work together on graphics and design (columns, header etc.) and you will see what your website looks like before launching it on your domain.

You have 10 days to change your mind and ask for a refund. I personally guarantee my work.

If your web presence requirements are bigger than a Startup or that I can handle or what is in the offer you purchased; we will discuss options or upgrades to my services or I can issue an immediate refund.” 

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