Use Free WordPress (Open Source)

Build a Website Yourself

Use Free WordPress (Open Source)
When you do your own website I recommend WordPress backend (that’s the app that resides on the server) and a WordPress Responsive Template frontend (that’s the app giving you the columns, colors, widgets and fonts to display your website). Fully responsive means the screen your website is being displayed upon is completely full. No background or edges showing, just your website fully on the screen.

10 Best Web Hosts – 2015
List of Free Websites for the DIY website builder.

The amazing part of the video below is the WordPress plugin that resizes a YouTube video to view on any size page or post or widget you place it in. Reponsive to your WordPress template and all other display devices – PERFECT! If I build your website for you, you will have the “YouTube responsive” plugin on your website too. With every $300 Webmaster’s flat fee Basic Startup for a Self-Hosted WordPress Website setup includes 5 add-on plugins installed and activated. Those 5 add-on plugins are over and above the 3 Security/Backup/Captcha Contact Form plugins included in the $300. If you do not want to build your own WordPress website please: Contact Me! I believe you will find my web build services very inclusive and cost effective. What is a plugin? A plugin is a application developed by programmers to use with WordPress. A plugin is installed separately and after the initial installation of WordPress and your chosen template. Plugins are provided free and usually ask for a donation to support the plugin developer’s efforts & versions or an offer to upgrade to “premium” giving you more options using the plugin for whatever the plugin’s purpose is. [responsive_youtube v=8Jv47_VIBOQ noshowinfo]

Credits:  WordPress self-hosted website responsive-video-lite for youtube plugin.

 The video is not mine, but is an excellent demonstration for the DIY WordPress website startup (BookMark this page is recommended). Thank you for visiting. I hope this page is helpful to you.

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