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Hand Selected #WebBuilding Books: From Beginners like WordPress in a Week to HTML and CSS to Audio API and eCommerce and successful blogging secrets. Covering, hopefully all, the aspects of Web Building; Website, Marketing, Blogging, and Social Media.

Please Note: You will CHECKOUT WITH AMAZON.COM FOR BOOKS ONLY and not checkout with me (PayPal) as you would if you purchased one of my services like a website installation for instance. If you want a book it will be in your Amazon cart, not my cart.

I have books on my website for two reasons: I’ve been in the DIY shoes looking for answers as simple as CSS & HTML color codes and I am an Amazon Associate which gives me the “widget” to produce the Bookstore itself.

Being a do-it-yourself web builder incorporates the beginner DIY webmaster, the startup blogger looking to market an existing online product, online store, online business how-to and social media marketeer looking to earn passive income. Those are a few of the #WebBuild scenarios and the books suggested are geared to the DIY community.

Lots and lots of education is available to you and most of these books are in my library.

FrontPage Extensions Microsoft

Recently I became involved with FrontPage again. I’ve never been an experienced user of FrontPage.

My program dates back to #FrontPage2003 and still does the job.

I was hired to do a simple web maintenance phone number change for a client MediVac Technologies Helium Leak Testing Service who’s website is built with FrontPage hosted on AT&T.

#microsoft frontpage web maintenance

Ordinarily in WordPress or any other HTML platform other than FrontPage, Dreamworks or Custom Website Designers the task would be easy and performed on the hosting server’s files directly.

FrontPage is a Microsoft product that is used to build websites. After you have built your website with the FrontPage program on your hard drive, you need to publish your site to your hosting account i.e. the server where your website resides.

FrontPage Extensions (Microsoft’s FTP) must be installed in your hosting files from your hosting control panel i.e. #cPanel and then you follow the steps below to PUBLISH your website from your hard drive to your website directory on your host using HTTP.

WARNING-Do not attempt to upload your website using FTP if you have #FrontPageExtensions installed/enabled/turned on.

Uploading the website with FTP while FrontPage Extensions are enabled will likely corrupt the extensions. They will need to be un-installed and re-installed.

  1. Open your FrontPage software
  2. Go to File -> Open Web
  3. Locate the web files on your local Computer
  4. Go to File -> Publish Web
  5. Enter in the publish destination. This can be (replacing with your actual domain). OR you can use the IP address of the server like (replacing with the IP address of the server)
  6. Click “OK”
  7. Enter your cPanel username for “Username” and your cPanel password for “Password”
  8. Check “Save this password in your password list”
  9. Click “Ok”
  10. In the right window pane of FrontPage, make sure you are in the “public_html” folder
  11. click “Options” in the bottom left
  12. On the “Publish” tab, select “All pages, overwriting pages already on destination”
  13. Click “OK”
  14. Click “Publish” to publish all the files to your Host account
  15. Click “Done” when your website is finished publishing

The upload using Frontpage Extensions is pretty straight forward except in my simple website maintenance assignment I failed completely because I got the following error and did not want to risk blowing-up my client’s existing website.

“For proper application functionality, /public/ folder should be less than 500 files and 50MB. Please keep in mind that due of these limitations your Frontpage might not work properly after installation and most likely will have difficulties to be installed. Currently your /public/ folder contains 709 files with total size 57.86 Mb”

I do not know if the limitations is from the #SharedServerHost AT&T or FrontPage. I was not going to take any chances. I am use to using open source applications, WordPress and a shared server host with unlimited pages; I know I am spoiled.

My Website Looks Like in SERPs?

Have you ever wondered how does my website appear or look-like in search results? There is an easy way to find out. Here’s how-to: see search engine results page (SERP) of your own website.

Example: type into GOOGLE SEARCH prompt using info:

  • (use your website’s domain name

The SERP (Search Engine Result Page) displayed from Google is:

Website Build; Startup, Turnkey and DIY
WordPress self-hosted published website how to get one and own it!
Google can show you the following information for this URL:

Show Google’s cache of
Find web pages that are similar to
Find web pages that link to
Find web pages from the site
Find web pages that contain the term “”

Note* the terms in bold above are linked on Google’s SERP for more info on your website’s data as indexed by Google.

Do the same in BING SEARCH prompt using

Do the same in YAHOO SEARCH prompt using

You can use “site:” instead of “info:” and/or do both

  • (using site: may require dropping the www if you have your domain set to permanent redirect the www). Not to worry, if search results come up with “results not found” using the www: simply remove the www and try again.

If search results in Google or Bing or Yahoo, with or without the www, come up with NO RESULTS it means you are not being crawled and indexed by search engines a.k.a. registered with them.

  • Contact me it is easy to resolve and I’ll send you how-to-register with search engines or I’ll do it for you for a small consult fee. It is very unlikely that you are not being crawled and indexed by search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing primarily), but if you aren’t I can help.

Social Media Management

social media management tool
Click Here to get a free Hootsuite Account

Social Media Management is so easier said than done, isn’t it?

This is a test to see if Hootsuite, a social media management app, is picking up my other feed and automatically posting it to Google+ and Twitter. (update on 5/30/15; yes it is, meaning I configured it correctly, thank you Hootsuite from a member still using your free social media management account).

To make this post not a complete waste of your time a very useful link on managing social media to promote your business and still be interesting and sociable.

I hope you can use the info.

How to productively use Twitter and #Hootsuite to manage your social media and work smarter!
Click the book to get the book on Amazon.

Thanks for visiting. Have a good day!

Hootsuite & Facebook

hootsuite cross post to Google+

I use Hootsuite’s Free Account and as I remember setting it up some years ago I thought Hootsuite automatically “grabs” my most recent blog post via rss feed and posts it to two of my social media accounts. I want Hootsuite to post to Google+. I also use Facebook, both personal and page, to automatically post to my Twitter Account.

This is a test to see if Hootsuite posts automatically to both my Facebook personal account, Facebook page and Twitter from my blog rss feed. If it does then I should see in my “stream” on Twitter the 1 post being posted 3 times.

In my Twitter feed, if I am correct and configured the Facebook App right, then Twitter will get posted by Hootsuite once and Facebook twice (1 from my personal and 1 from my page).

I apologize for “testing” and any inconvenience this may cause you but Hootsuite is trying so hard to get me off the “free” account and into their “pro” that they are “hiding” where my posts are posted and how many cross-posting social media accounts I can have in the “free” account.

In summary, if I see the 3 posts in Twitter then I’ll delete the Twitter from my Hootsuite account in hopes that my next post is “grabbed” by Hootsuite, posted to Facebook personal and page (which Facebook will send to Twitter) and post to Google+ instead of Twitter.

It all depends and again I do apologize for testing on you. Management and cross-posting,  yikes and the technology constantly is changing. I’ve not posted a blog for more than a year and lots has changed. So I am getting up to speed on the technology.

PS: I am seriously considering Hootsuite Pro for $9.99 per month. It is a great app!

Mobile Call Me Button

Mobile Call Me Button

all started while working on my FREE Google website’s viewpoints and making it mobile friendly. I stumbled across this little “gadget” by OTT to insert into my page because the page is a call me page, very simple for publishing on Amazon aka POD and startup websites; rather than blog, leave a comment or even having a contact page. The website is simple to call me or email me, where calling is preferred.

I have other clients that are really in the “call me preference” because of what they do instead of technically showing an item or product for sale, they deal with ideas and concepts rather than a definite product. For instance an author has all his/her words and graphics and needs expert help in laying out for printing his/her book as a self-publisher. The same applies to me and websites; a call is effective and preferred

.Mobile Call Button

Tap To Call Mobile to Mobile

When I came across the “Mobile Call Me Button” I then became very interested in how does it work, can I get the APP or code to use in my WordPress websites?

I Googled it! I searched WordPress plugins! I tried to copy it from the HTML on my Google website! Finally figured out how very simple the Mobile Call Me Button is and went “well duh”. I am sure the OTT people, in developing this “gadget” would not say it was simple, but . . .that is the difference between a programmer and a user.

Here is the simplicity. Find an image that represents “call me” or you can simply type TAP TO CALL and then “link” the image or words using tel:xxxxxxxxxx (area code and 7 digit phone number, no dashes, no space after the colon, all lower case). Use Custom URL in WordPress image edit or link insert icon from your page/post dashboard ; be sure to remove the http://.

International calls I do not know if it works. I have USA country code in my phone number and it connects mobile to mobile, USA no problems. My tap to call me button link looks like this: tel:16618572244 where the 1 right after the colon is country code for USA.

Tap To Call Mobile to my mobile

So as far as desktops go it is useless. If someone clicks the Mobile Tap to Call while on a desktop, Chrome will pop up with “do you want to connect to Skype” or “do nothing”, Firefox same thing “open using Skype?” and IE too. None of the browsers hold the phone number after bringing up Skype and the user must type in the phone number once Skype is opened.

Any developers out there to make this work with Skype/Desktops/Laptops/Tablets by opening Skype and keeping the phone number “do you want to call this number?” would be great. Making it a WordPress Open Source plugin, even better.

It works on smartphone/iphone mobile “tap to call”, otherwise it is the old fashioned way by dialing.

Digital Business Card

It is very important to have a website even if it is only a “digital business card” and you really do not want to blog or market on the Internet or eCommerce online.

One website for all devices is what I offer. No fuss, easy to maintain, stable, backed-up on a regular basis and hack proof. A website built on WordPress.

So, you don’t blog, you don’t sell any products online and do not want to, you like the personal touch and storefront or office visit in person.

Your site can be as simple as: here is what I do and here is where I do it! Please visit my brick and mortar store or office and that is all your website is (a.k.a. digital business card).

One page with your business mission statement and contact info and maybe a Google Map embedded so smartphones, chrome-books and tablets can get driving directions right to your door.

Now your real business card is dressed to impress with your own or .ca or .biz or .???.

  • What is this going to cost you to keep your digital business card website up on a host and your domain name registered? An annual estimate of $150 for both.
  • What is it going to cost you to initially set up your digital business card website by a professional webmaster? $500 Turnkey Website which includes the 1st year host and registered domain name or $150 value included.

In my Thank you for your purchase I include my personal satisfaction guarantee and it reads; “If you ordered a website: You will have final approval rights on verbiage, setup, images, we will work together on graphics and design (columns, header etc.) and you will see what your website looks like before launching it on your domain.

You have 10 days to change your mind and ask for a refund. I personally guarantee my work.

If your web presence requirements are bigger than a Startup or that I can handle or what is in the offer you purchased; we will discuss options or upgrades to my services or I can issue an immediate refund.” 

Why WordPress

I copied the article below and for the life of me I cannot remember from whom. Wait a minute, let me Google some keywords, see if I can find it again, be back in a minute. Sorry, couldn’t find it but it was from an established source.

I use and have installed WordPress for myself and clients for many years (Twenty Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Fifteen and Customizr templates). Better the question should be “why not WordPress?” Each was a child theme and transition from one template to another is a piece of cake. I am thoroughly enjoying Twenty Fifteen for its simplicity, great font and easy reading on any device. You are on a WordPress Twenty Fifteen website.

Why WordPress? you decide:

Big Businesses using WordPress:

  • From Fortune 500 companies like eBay, Sony, GM and UPS, to national news giants like Forbes, CNN, Reuters and The NYT, to tech tycoons like Samsung, IBM and TechCrunch, heavy hitters everywhere are rolling out slick sites with full-scale content strategies developed in and supported by the WordPress. Why not you too?

WordPress is Open Source:

  • Your website should be making you money, not costing you more than you’re gaining from it. WordPress is an open source CMS, for which you will never pay a licensing fee.
  • Open source means more than just no licensing fees. It’s a community philosophy that allows programmers to work together to improve each others’ code or change it to do something different. That means that the functionality you’ve been looking for has probably already been created and is available for you to use. This can save your business thousands of dollars in long-term custom development costs.

WordPress Intuitive Backend:

  • One of the reasons WordPress has been so widely adopted is that it has a very easy-to-use, intuitive backend. WordPress’ plugin architecture and templating system are also well-known for being simple to customize and build upon.

WordPress is Highly Extendable:

  • Want social networking? Want forums? E-commerce? Event management? All of these features are available through the WordPress plugin architecture.

ECommerce using WordPress:

  • Whether you need a small corporate store or a large-scale international enterprise with complex selling needs, WordPress has the e-commerce solution to suit your business.

Sitebuilder to WordPress

images (5)
The building blocks of your online business is: Website (WordPress recommended), WordPress Responsive Template and lots of security plugins, WordPress Blog Platform with Hootsuite to automatically post and is linked to your social media accounts, and of course you must have social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. You are building business relationships in the virtual world.

Building my business. My previous Sitebuilder website is now a WordPress with a responsive template and ecommerce. All free Open Source stuff.

I am announcing my newly designed website and testing Hootsuite to see if my links to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ work.

Nonetheless, if you want to see my NEW stuff, please come on by, leave a comment, register, sign up for my newsletter, buy a product, leave a review.

Oh who is kidding who, just take a peek. Thanks, Valerie

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Hello world!

Get Free Web Headers

Free Word Press Plugins

Welcome to WordPress. You may have reached this post by clicking a link elsewhere on the Internet; do not be alarmed, the link is still good you are in the right place. Please Email Me with any questions.

I made a template change from a sitebuilder template to WordPress and as of February 15, 2014 this is the landing page for some of my old sitebuilder template website’s URLs and products.

Shortly my old stuff will be here on my new responsive WordPress template.

Thank you for stopping by. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

I am no longer sewing and selling gymnastics grips bags and personalized Christmas Stockings.

If you are looking for Kindle Direct and #AmazonPOD Printing – Please contact Patt Davis.

If you are looking to #WebBuild, I am here for you. If you are concerned about #Mobilegeddon then WordPress has the answer and I can install responsive WordPress for you with a mobile friendly #WordPressTemplate or make your template change if already using WordPress.

Virtual Webmaster
Virtual Webmaster and Real Person dedicated to small businesses’s and individual’s Web Presence/Business Model.

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