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I am Valerie of websites by valsjewels welcome to one of my websites. I am happy you are visiting and I hope you find what you are looking for. I am not a domain/website re-seller.

I am a web coach, web presence developer and webmistress. Specializing in template based and turnkey websites. Expert in WordPress.

  • I have over 30 years of technology Experience in Server, Web, computer hardware and Office APPS (the language that talks to machines is APPS).

I have learned so much and you may say “the hard way”, because I have always “taken” things apart to figure out how they work, then sometimes “re-invent” how to use what I have learned.

  • Everything I discover or re-invent, I test thoroughly, spending hours, days and sometimes months before I give it a “thumbs-up”.
  • I enjoy the technical challenge (the what’s, how’s, why’s and where’s technology works) of dashboards, html, css, embedding code, script, markup, SEO, applications and the hardware it runs on at a “user”, “website visitor” and “customer” level.

I came up with a way to share and coach the information I’ve gathered so you can benefit from all the work I’ve done to get me here . . . Things like:

  • How To: Set up a website.
  • How To: Maintain a website, paid ads, weblogs, social media status on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (website growth-health).
  • How To: Link social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and embed.
  • How To: Earn Money Online without having goods and services of my own.
  • How To: Grow a business online with a website, blogs and social networking? How do I improve my Alexa, Yahoo, Bing, DMOZ and Google rank – search engine optimization (SEO) reaching customers and potential customers.
  • How To: Build a Website for free? Yes, all you need is a weblog Blogger, send out professional emails using free Mail Chimp, a bank account PayPal and social networking connections like Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus and LinkedIn.
  • How To: Get professional help to build a web presence be it I am an individual person, a home office, a small business or a website start-up needing help on version updates, embed, uploads, dashboards, widgets, administration, etc. or a simple question how-do-I? should I? and how-much does it cost?

I’m not a hi-pressure internet pitchmen promising you a cash-cow by having a website or collecting email addresses. NO! I am a real person, running my own website webmaster/webcoach business from California. I want to hear from you, send me an email with your question or comment. I will personally respond to you.

Join My Email List. Technology changes faster than the speed of light. My newsletter keeps up with these changes and always has a small set of links to “what is new” in the Google, Yahoo, Firefox, Chrome, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, PC, Apple and Smartphone worlds.

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