DIY Website – yes you can!

My name is Valerie and as Your Internet Coach – I Provide DIY Web Building Services to Help you reach your online goals in DO-IT-YOURSELF website building, blogging, social media connecting and linking, search engine optimization basics and passive income using paid ads fitting into your Business Model, Strategy and Online Business.

  • Your WEB PRESENCE can be cost effective and you can be a DIY website builder.
  • Your Word Press Website with Blog can be up and launched within a few hours on a Host with 99% server uptime.
  • You can own all rights to your site and domain name.
Let’s make your DIY Web Presence a Reality together!

Let’s reach your online goals in DIY website building, DIY blogging, social media connecting, passive and direct advertiser affiliates, web hosting, linking, honest and ethical search engine optimization and passive income using paid ads fitting into your DIY Business Model, DIY Strategy and Online Business.

Together, as your DIY Web Build coach, we can do it (DIY) or I can do it for you as your webmaster (DIFY).

Social Media and

Connect with friends on by using a WordPress widget to find and socially connect with your social media friends whom are also using and blogging.

Social Media friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google are automatically linked and brought into your Reader on WordPress. It is a subscription and your WordPress Reader updates when new blogs are posted by your connected friends.

WordPress is socially connecting itself and becoming social media too. I like it. Very cool – thanks WordPress.

Some Stats on Social Media:
  • Proven ways to market your business on social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn. Mari shares shortcuts, tips, tools, strategies, tutorials.

  • According to a new survey on the use of social media sites by employers to evaluate job candidates from CareerBuilder®, the largest online career site in the United States, nearly two in five companies – 37 percent – use social media sites such as Facebook…

My screenshot shows you where to find the application to FIND FRIENDS in your blog. Login to your account.

  • On the dashboard open your drop-down menu “your account” and click Find My Friends. The next prompt will be “Find Friends” with Twitter, Facebook and Google choices. Click one at a time, Word Press will search your social media account and match them to you if they are also in WordPress’s database.
  • Another prompt will come up with the “matched listing” and you may review who they are and click the follow if you want to follow them.
  • Once you “follow” your socially connected friend, then each blog they do thereafter will appear, automatically, in your WordPress Reader.

Find Friends blogging on WordPress too

I just discovered this widget on WordPress and I may be behind the times. Am I????

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