Webmistress for WordPress, HTML and MS Word

I have recently found my niche and it is helping others with Microsoft Word, HTML and WordPress. I absolutely enjoy publishing websites for company profiles, small businesses, artists, authors, team Moms and book self-publishers.

For extra income I type for others, usually a manuscript for Print On Demand (POD) which entails using Microsoft Word. I recently did a daily poetry (muses) which required I number each of the 365 days. All well and good, but I did not want to do that manually so I used Word’s numbering system. All well and good again, but I could not send the “muses” to my client because Word’s automatic numbering system s “fickle” and my client cannot edit the manuscript (muses) to send to Amazon Create Space POD.

So here I go Googling “how make Word’s numbering system into manual numbers“. I came across a blog from Allen Wyatt explaining how to do it in VBA. Pressing Alt+F11 in Word displays the VBA editor, just in case you want to see what VBA is.

This was the deciding “search” that made me think “I really like doing this, learning something new” and I am sure I am not the only person needing to convert automatic numbers to manual numbers in MS Word.

Another “blogging-niche” for me is capturing and using FREE applications and images for WordPress websites, mine and my clients. Again, I want to share and blog about how to…