iframe is amazingly Simple to use in your website

All it takes is the iframe code and a URL – Done! An inline iframe is used to embed another document within the current HTML document. For more information and advanced options, iframe coding, HTML5, CSS, video and browser compatiability, please visit w3schools.com and ILoveCoding.org (no affiliation).

Look how beautiful this iframe is. And so simple to do. Simple code and url, walla! done!

The iframe scrolls and links inside are clickable and if a form is there, it can be filled out.

The example is my WP InAction website and should display a popup. If you close the popup, be nice to fill it out, but if not, then once closed you can scroll thru the whole page, open the menu etc., just as if you were on that site.

HTML¬†<iframe> tag –¬†inline frame is marked up as follows:


The iframe element is supported in the following browsers:
Internet Explorer