Homemade Cucumber Exfoliate

I have dry to normal skin and this is the ONLY exfoliate that has ever worked for me. The cost is practically nothing and the ingredients are fresh without additives, you mix it yourself.

Homemade Cucumber Exfoliate you can use every day and you will not believe the results (blemishes will diminish, brown spots too and your skin will feel silky and soft to the touch yet tight (fitted) to your muscle and base structure; diminishing the sagging look gravity seems to play and wrinkles will shrink). Gentle enough to use every single day. The results will amaze you and you will wonder how you ever did without it.

  • 2 inches of peeled cucumber and remove the seeds.
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice.
  • 1 egg white.
  • 1 teaspoon witch hazel.
  • Blend all in blender.
  • Apply to clean, dry face and neck (use a cotton ball or pastry brush – I use an old makeup brush to apply).
  • Allow 20 minutes to dry, you will feel it tightening.
  • Rinse with tepid water.
  • Pat dry – apply moisturizer, makeup for daytime or nighttime cream for bedtime.

Best time to exfoliate is right out of a hot shower – pores open. Warm up the face (open the pores) with a hot towel or washcloth otherwise.

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