Eliminates the chewing up of your plants.
My 7 month old #GoldenRetriever pup eats everything in the yard and digs. After months of destruction and scolding I removed, moved and trimmed everything from my small yard. The yard is now dirt and she still finds things to chew like twigs fallen from a tree and rocks and … Continue reading

Puppy Eating Plants Cure

hootsuite, twitter, facebook, google+ cross posting
I use Hootsuite’s Free Account and as I remember setting it up some years ago I thought #Hootsuite automatically “grabs” my most recent blog post via rss feed and posts it to two of my social media accounts. I want Hootsuite to post to Google+. I also use Facebook, both … Continue reading

Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite

Capture Page with Browser, Rotator Slider Plugin WordPress, Google Picasa
Screenshots using Capture Page (a browser app Chrome and Firefox extension) then Google enhanced in Picasa (Google app, you need a Gmail account) and displayed in responsive format using Easy Rotator (WordPress Plugin). Screenshots using Capture Page (browser app Chrome and Firefox extension) then Google enhanced in Picasa (Google app, … Continue reading

Capture Page, Picasa, Rotator

over 500 images resized, optimized, renamed for a perfect wordpress responsive template website 2
#StartupWebsite Installed by Valerie Jacobs, websites by valsjewels. #DomainName is an add-on to customer’s existing unlimited domain names account on Just Host.   This WordPress template is amazing with a beautiful, functional, responsive Header Slider and it doesn’t hurt to have a fantastic photographer as a client. If you are looking … Continue reading

Contractor’s Startup Website

responsive video lite wordpress plugin
RESPONSIVE VIDEO LIGHT to make YOUTUBE videos responsive . . . a WordPress Plugin. Simple shortcode and YouTube URL and walla! the video is ready to view and enjoy on your website and on everyone’s display device (no code, HTML or embed knowledge required). Share...

Toby Keith As Good…

Webmaster 4You WordPress Expert
I am a one-woman store providing WordPress Website Build, Install, Maintain and Develop. I work “off-site” using Skype (valsjewels is my skype account), JoinMe, DropBox, email, phone and text. A professional basic setup of a WordPress website with your domain name is $300 one-time flat fee. I have other services … Continue reading

Virtual Webmaster

How to use the Share Buttons on YouTube
Sharing a YouTube video on your favorite social network like Facebook, emailing to a friend or embedding to a website is easy. The screenshot example below shows a monetized YouTube. Sharing is an important part of a website presence. Share this video, email and embed are located below the video, below … Continue reading

Share Buttons

American flag Tribute to Our Troops
Sit back and enjoy. Get ready to get rock n roll chills and Star Spangled Banner patriotic goosebumps. Support America’s Armed Forces, Police, First Responders and Firefighters with this band’s music. Outstanding! Thank you Madison Rising. Share...

Rock n Roll America

Open Box and Discontinued Products at huge discounted prices yet still comes with Amazon's A-Z warranty
Are you aware of Amazon Warehouse Deals? If not, check out and shop clearance deals, hot outlet deals, open-box and deep discounts on hundreds of thousands of products from across more than 25 product categories: Shop Amazon Warehouse Deals – Deep Discounts on Open box and Used Electronics. Bargains are on open … Continue reading

Warehouse Deals

My name is Valerie and as Your webmaster Coach or webmaster or both – I Provide DIY Web Building Services to Help you reach your online goals in DO-IT-YOURSELF website building, blogging, social media connecting and linking, search engine optimization basics and passive income using paid ads fitting into your … Continue reading

You can DIY Website!

Bio Flame clean burning tabletop fireplaces 2
Hi Rob, Do you want a video like the one shown? If yes a license has to be purchased separately. Audio is optional. Description example is on first slide. Once you pause the automatic scroll by using the arrows back/forward automatic scroll quits and manual scroll is enabled. Let me … Continue reading

Bio Flame Fireplaces

Search Engines Share US
SEO Tactics that Never Stop Working Find the terms that people are using to search for your products then talk about your products on-site using those terms, without using them so much you sound crazy. Make sure a search engine can find every page on your site, read the content … Continue reading

Proven SEO Tactics

make money the affiliate advertising way
One of my favorite affiliates is Amazon.com. Becoming an Amazon Associate is very simple and Amazon provides you with all the widgets, links, API you could possibly want. If you are interested in making money online with affiliates (paid ads), please ask me for my free “recommended link list of affiliates”. … Continue reading

Make Money Online

seo how to blog tv
Your marketing plan will involve the knowledge and how-to: Educate: SEOMOZ Resources: Google AdWords Keyword Research tool & books and videos Own Your Domain Monitor Analyze Traffic: Google Analytics I use how to blog.tv’s WordPress plugin WP-MalWatch which is how I came across this great advice about hiring, considering, and preparing for SEO. SEO is your … Continue reading

SEO The Truth

you want the crowds to find you
What is a Business model?   A business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value (economic, social, or other forms of value). The process of business model construction is part of business strategy and your online business. Internet obscurity – Website obscurity – Products and … Continue reading

Internet Obscurity

woot watcher smartphone app
2 APPS you want on your smartphone -no upgrade to a paid subscription on a monthly or yearly basis – finds the best deals around and updates you on your smartphone. The apps are dedicated to “timed” deals, meaning you’ll need to take a looksee of what are the DEALS, … Continue reading

Woot Watcher

promotional gift card pack of ten
Imprinted with the Amazon.com logo (as shown in the picture) and “THANK YOU” and “HAPPY READING” and “CHRISTMAS AMAZON LOGO”. Pack of 10 is available in $10, $15, $25, and $50 denominations. The Perfect Gift – Amazon Gift Cards never expire, have no fees, and are impossible to fraud. I … Continue reading

10 Pack Available

lia sophia jewelry share the love and why the jewels in valsjewels
I acquired the valsjewels domain name many, many years ago when I was direct selling lia sophia jewelry, hence the jewels. At first I purchased valsjewels.net (did not have a clue what to do with it, subsequently it expired, I wasted about $200). In 2007 I was laid-off from my … Continue reading

Why “jewels”

my habit an amazon company
Designer clothes, shoes and accessories at MY HABIT – a membership only webstore launched by Amazon.com (if you have an Amazon account, you are already a member). MY HABITWOMEN’S MY HABITMEN’S MY HABITKID’S MY HABIT FREE Shipping both ways (delivery and return) Styles are limited – first come first served … Continue reading


Book written for the owners of departed pets
Bill at Rainbow Bridge is a client of mine and several years ago we set up his startup website. His book will tug at your heart strings and heal you at the same time. Beautifully written! Pet Loss is devasting. Here we have an author offering a personal dedication to … Continue reading

Departed Pet