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DIY WebBuilding Books

Hand Selected #WebBuilding Books: From Beginners like WordPress in a Week to HTML and CSS to Audio API and eCommerce and successful blogging secrets. Covering, hopefully all, the aspects of Web Building; Website, Marketing, Blogging, and Social Media.

Please Note: You will CHECKOUT WITH AMAZON.COM FOR BOOKS ONLY and not checkout with me (PayPal) as you would if you purchased one of my services like a website installation for instance. If you want a book it will be in your Amazon cart, not my cart.

I have books on my website for two reasons: I’ve been in the DIY shoes looking for answers as simple as CSS & HTML color codes and I am an Amazon Associate which gives me the “widget” to produce the Bookstore itself.

Being a do-it-yourself web builder incorporates the beginner DIY webmaster, the startup blogger looking to market an existing online product, online store, online business how-to and social media marketeer looking to earn passive income. Those are a few of the #WebBuild scenarios and the books suggested are geared to the DIY community.

Lots and lots of education is available to you and most of these books are in my library.

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