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As a self-hosted website owner, you have all the control and ownership of your end product, your website your way.

I am a webmaster and WordPress specialist working with and for you on YOUR website to either setup, install, maintain, market and teach.

  • I am not a domain name or server space re-seller.
  • My services include installation, maintenance and marketing your website and web presence.
  • I personally guarantee your satisfaction with my work and your end product or your money back!!!!!
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I am . . . .a
Webmaster, WebCoach and How-To Specialist with 30 years experience in Server, Office and Web APPS. Entrepreneur to Small businesses and individuals and their web presence/business model.

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  • You should not spend thousands of dollars for a website and you want a website that looks like you did, don’t you?
  • Your website your way in days, not months.

Costs are from $25 per hour #WebLessons, maintenance, administering Facebook pages, posting/linking blog posts and DIY lessons to fully-responsive WordPress turnkey website installed and published $300 and up depending on how many pages, how many graphics, etc.. Request a free quote or call me.

Virtual Webmaster
Virtual Webmaster and Real Person dedicated to small businesses’s and individual’s Web Presence/Business Model.

Valerie, your virtual webmaster

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Everything can be done virtually using Skype, PayPal, JoinMe, Dropbox, Email, Text and Phone.