Let’s make your Web Presence a Reality. Let’s Launch your WordPress Website. Let’s connect and link to Facebook, Twitter and blogs. Let’s make some passive money with advertisements using Google AdSense, Amazon Associates and Commission Junction.

I am . . . .a
Webmaster, WebCoach and How-To Specialist with 30 years experience in Server, Office and Web APPS. Entrepreneur to Small businesses and individuals and their web presence/business model.

Do It Yourself Website Coaching and Do It For You Professional Webmaster including Consulting – Administering Social Media – Website Maintenance – and more.

Ready for your own World Famous WordPress Website, SEO enhanced and secure?

You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars for a website, do you? You don’t need too and you should not – ever!

Make the call or text me; we can do this. Your website and web presence, your way, can be accomplished completely in the “virtual world” (skype, text, phone, joinme, email & dropbox),

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Virtual Webmaster

Virtual Webmaster and Real Person dedicated to small businesses’s and individual’s Web Presence/Business Model.

Valerie, your virtual webmaster

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Everything will be done virtually using Skype, JoinMe, Dropbox, Email, Text and Phone.